Net Pens with George Lang

On January 17th, George Lang will be heading to the Columbia River for an annual Net Pens trip at Lake Roofus Woods. The group will be leaving Leavenworth early on the 17th and fish as much as possible for that afternoon.  Fishing resumes early on the 18th and continues well into the afternoon until it is time to head home.  


George has booked the hotel rooms, and has room for 10 people for this winter adventure. He will provide breakfast and lunch, and the group will eat dinner out.  Be prepared with your own folding chair and warm clothes. Please email George by January 10th if you are interested.


George wrote about a typical Net Pens trip, and read below if you want to know more or to just revel in the adventure of being out in winter with a group of friends. 


Several times during the winter month our group of Trout Unlimited members and friends have traveled to the “NET PENS” to fish for Triploid Trout. Most time we would travel cramped in two or more vehicles arriving in the early morning.  All would rush to put out our homemade rod holders so we could reserve a place to fish before all the spots were taken. Once the rods were fishing the job of getting the fire going.  Chairs were strategically in place as to still see our rod and stay somewhat warm around the fire.  Now the fish stories and jokes would start.  Soon someone would jump up and run for their rod. This could sometime be an experience and draw jabs for finesse in maneuvering the obstacles.  For those that were able to get to their rod in time there were instructions from the peanut gallery on how to fight the fish.  This would continue for most of the day.


Lunch time on the river bank was the next order of business. Sometimes hot dogs, sometime hamburgers and sometime chili (not too good for the ride home).


We usually would head back to Coulee City to the Coulee House to spend the night. Dinner was usually at Melody”s restaurant, next to the motel. The food is always good and the prices reasonable.


The next  morning we would head back to the Net Pens and start the ritual all over again.  After all were settled in and the fire was going good, we would cook breakfast over the fire (George’s famous scramble).


Fishing at the Net Pens Has always been lots of fun, lots of laughs and most of the time lots of fish.